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Introducing VITTA Group, the supply artery to life-critical industries

We’ve got exciting news to bring you. 2022 has been a dynamic year, with rapid change, development, and growth. We have focussed on product range, warehouse, and stock consolidation as well as our business systems to enable the company to focus on what matters most for our clients.

As part of our strategic growth plan, we are evolving and excited to announce that from 3rd January 2023, Inivos Scientific will become, VITTA Group.

Although we will have a new name, the brands such as Edulab, SciChem and others you have come to love, trust and know will continue to be available from VITTA Group.


Our vision is to be the supply artery to life-critical industries, and VITTA is adapted from the Latin word ‘Vita’ meaning ‘life’ or ‘living’ as we continuously supply to life critical industries all over the world.

We believe that no life critical industry that we supply should be disrupted as a result of poor supply chain. This includes sectors such as education, food & beverage, water, energy and oil & gas, pharmaceuticals, laboratory testing and biotechnology.

Our assured supply chain supported by next generation ordering platforms and responsive wheel of support provides a resourceful supply chain solution unmatched in today’s world.

Introducing VITTA Group

Our laboratory consumables, equipment and chemicals division that serves life-critical industries such as food & beverage, water, pharmaceuticals, and the energy sector will be known as VITTA Scientific.

Our division serving the education sector including the brands you’ll remember as SciChem and Shaw Scientific will be known as VITTA Education.

Our division bringing you our own branded Edulab, SciChem and other exclusive products will be known as VITTA Wholesale.

So, for those of you who are trade customers, re-sellers and distributors, you will continue to be able to buy in bulk as well as receiving your wholesale and trade prices through VITTA Wholesale.

What does this mean?

In support of our vision, we are pleased to be launching:

  1. Our dedicated wheel of support – going beyond the expected to give every client a single point of
    contact for all their needs ensuring supply solutions are only ever one phone call away.
  2. A new and improved extensive product range – the roll out of what we’ve come to call our
    ‘product blueprint’ will enable us to stock what we sell and sell what we stock to ensure stock
    assurance and supply chain transparency every time.
  3. Next-level account management – we are fanatical about end-to-end account management and
    provide open and honest communication every time.
  4. Next-generation ordering platforms and web ordering portal – our advanced procurement and
    reporting interfaces provide you with the intelligence to control your budgeted spend.

This is simply a change of name, so there are no changes to credit terms, bank details, VAT and we have a Certificate of Name Change from Companies House for those who need it. For further clarification, download our Certificate of Incorporation on Change of Name and Company Details Reference Guide for more details.

We believe in the value of life-long partnerships and look forward to continuing our relationship into the exciting year ahead.

The VITTA team are here and would love to hear from you if you have any questions or concerns.